Necat Kaplan, MD

Necat Kaplan, Md

Allow us to introduce you to Necat Kaplan, MD, who holds the position of Chief Physician Editor of Medical Affairs at Clinicpark. Dr. Kaplan collaborates with Clinicpark's network of expert doctors and healthcare professionals to achieve his objectives, vision and overcome the challenges involved in developing a successful and informative learning experience for the platform's readers. He is committed to ensuring that Clinicpark's content is accurate, credible and up-to-date, which he accomplishes by conducting comprehensive reviews in his role.

Dr. Kaplan prioritises a "culture of caring" and cultural competency in his medical practice

In addition to his general surgical skills, Dr. Kaplan is also an expert in advanced type 2 diabetes surgeries. He is an esteemed board-certified general surgeon who has made remarkable contributions to the field. He is a delegate for the Global Obesity Summit, which focuses on promoting wellness, educating the public and private sectors on preventive health and obesity.

Dr. Kaplan has been featured in various media interviews across different platforms, including Turkish News. His expertise and knowledge have significantly influenced the way medical practices are approached today, and his contributions to the field of medicine are noteworthy.

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